Mukka Launches Lunch


Reflecting an 8000-year history of culinary cultural interactions, Mukka is celebrating the diversity of flavours and regional cuisines from India and presenting less familiar unique dishes in all their glory. Challenging the perceptions of Indian food in Melbourne (to be more than just butter chicken, paneer and naan)

Come Celebrate with us!

Did someone say a DOSA Party???

Yes, we are giving away ONE FOR ONE DOSAS for Lunch on the 1st and 2nd of April (and its no April fools day joke) to mark this auspicious day…




What is a Dosa?

An all day South-Indian staple, light savoury pancakey crepe made from homemade fermented batter of rice and de-dusked black lentils. Fillings change on command. Mukka is serving as a Classic (Spiced Potato) also known as Masala Dosa, Smoky Eggplant and pea, Avocado and Beetroot pachadi and Chicken Curry dosas. Dosa is naturally gluten free and vegan (depending on the filling).


Other Lunch Menu Features



Banana Leaf Fish Fry

Bring out the the mortar and pastel, grind fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes, green chillies and desiccated coconut into a spicy paste. Wrap it up into a parcel and pan fry it till the the air around you feels like magic. From Kerala, with love.






Slow cooked, layered and aromatic rice dish, tracing its origins to Persia. Prepared with stock and spices, layered with rice and cooked individually in traditional “dum” style.





Idli Sambar

Home-made batter of de-husked black lentils and rice are steamed to delicate savoury cakes, swimming in slightly tangy lentil soup with eggplant and zucchini like a veggie pool party. A South Indian favourite.






A culinary speciality of Southern Indian and Sri Lanka, are like tangled up noodle balls.  A splendour with a simple South Indian Vegetable Stew.